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PruGen Solutions™ is our network of industry support. The strength of our network and relationships allows us to secure access and affordability to best-in-class generic products.

PruGen Solutions offers U

NEW pricing structure with 90-day supply discount available
NEW pricing structure with 90-day supply discount available
Easy Prescribing and a NEW patient portal
No prior authorizations or call backs
PruGen Representatives to support you
Dermatology industry support

New pricing tiers: Straightforward. Consistent. Affordable.

$0-25 Commercially Insured or Covered

$50* Not Covered, Underinsured or Uninsured


  • Doxycycline Hyclate Tablets 150 mg
  • Minocycline Hydrochloride ER Tablets 45/65/90/115 mg


  • Adapalene Gel 0.3% 45 g
  • Adapalene/BPO Gel 0.1%/2.5% 45 g
  • Metronidazole Gel 0.75% 45 g
  • HPR Plus™ Cream 450 g


  • Salicylic Acid Shampoo

*Value Option Pricing – 90-day supply for $100 (same product)

$75* Not Covered, Underinsured or Uninsured


  • Azelaic Acid 15% 50 g
  • Clindamycin/BPO Gel 1.2%/2.5% 50 g
  • Dapsone Gel 5% 60 g
  • Tazarotene Cream 0.1% 30 g


  • BenzePrO® Foaming Cloths
  • SulfaCleanse® 8/4

*Value Option Pricing – 90-day supply for $150 (same product)

Keeping it simple with PruGen Solutions™

Patients receive their medications in 3 SIMPLE STEPS:


Send prescriptions to ASPN Pharmacies

eSCRIBE: ASPN Pharmacies
290 West Mount Pleasant Avenue
Building 2, 4th Floor, Suite 4210
NCPDP #: 3147863
NPI #: 1538590690

Add ASPN Pharmacies to your favorites

CALL: 844-436-7928   FAX: 866-357-8434
Fax forms are available for download at PruGen.AspnPrograms.com


The patient will receive a text from PruGen Solutions to confirm certain personal information


Include your patient’s cell phone number with their prescription for easy verification and refill reminders through PruGen Solution’s Text Message Program.


Medications are delivered directly to your patient’s home at no cost

Offer only available to patients with commercial insurance and patients who are uninsured. Patient must meet the eligibility requirements of the PruGen Solutions™ Program, including presenting their prescription at a participating pharmacy or authorizing the transfer of their prescription to a participating pharmacy for dispensing.

Most commercially insured patients, when the product is covered by insurance, the patient will pay no more than $25 for the product(s). For patients with commercial insurance that does not provide coverage for the PruGen product(s) (e.g., drug not covered) or if the patient is underinsured*, the eligible patient pays no more than $50 or $75.

Prescriptions may be filled at any pharmacy of the patient’s choice, however, the PruGen Solutions™ Program is only available at participating pharmacies.

Patient is not eligible for participation in the PruGen Solutions™ Program if they are enrolled in any state or federally funded prescription drug program (i.e., Medicaid, Medicare, Medigap, VA, DOD, or Tricare) or where prohibited by law. Patient is also not eligible if they are in the Medicare Part D coverage gap (the “donut hole”).

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All products listed are eligible for the PruGen Solutions™ Program; however, this list may not be inclusive of all eligible products.

PruGen Pharmaceuticals reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this offer at any time.

*Underinsured patients means any patient whose out of pocket costs for a claim processed by the pharmacy are the same or more than the pharmacy’s Usual & Customary price.

Eligibility: The Prugen Solutions Program is only available to residents of the 50 United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, or US territories at participating pharmacies in the US, including DC and its territories. You must be 18 years or older to use the program for yourself or a minor. The Prugen Solutions Program is not insurance and is not intended to be substitute for insurance. Patient, pharmacist, and prescriber agree not to seek reimbursement for all or any part of the benefit received by the patient through the offer. Both patient and pharmacist are each individually responsible for reporting receipt of discount benefit to any insurer, health plan, or other third party who pays for or reimburses any part of the prescription filled using the program, as required.